Fresh motor oil
Servicing Your Jeep

Keep your Jeep in Toptop condition.

Keeping any mechanical item in good condition is important, and servicing them regularly reduces the ware they experience.

With a Jeep this is especially important, as they are made to be rugged, they experience conditions lesser cars shudder at. Keep your Jeep in tiptop condition with one of our Services listed below.

Basic Service

5,000 to 7,000 mile intervals

From £99

This is a simple service on the engine of your Jeep, and as always we will give you a quick look at the conditions of other consumable components

  • Engine Oil change

  • Engine Oil Filter change

Intermediate Service

30,000 to 50,000 intervals

From £150

This is our more indepth service.

  • Includes everything on the basic service

  • Air Filter change

  • Cabin Air Filter change

  • Fuel Filter change

Advanced Service

70,000 to 100,000 mile intervals

From £320

The Advanced service replaces alot of the consumables on your Jeep.

  • Everything included on the Intermediate Service

  • Brake Fluid / Clutch Fluid

  • Ignition Coil(s) and plugs or Distributor, Cables and plugs

  • Transmission fluid change (Filter on automatics)

  • Transfer case fluid change

  • Coolant change and flush

Full Service

100,000 mile intervals or when needed.

From £800

This is our Rolls Royce service, and is a must if you are planning a long exploration.

  • Everything on the Advanced service

  • Differential Oil change.

  • Ball Joint change

  • Power Steering fluid change

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Suspension bushings

    • (There maybe aditional charges if the control arms are to badly corrided to accept new bushings)

  • Check and adjust Sensor Timings

Brake Service

When Needed

This is an additional service we offer. It can be added to an existing service, or can be completed as a service in its self.

  • Brake Discs (Front)

  • Brake Discs or Drums (Rear).

  • Brake Pads / Shoes

  • Brake fluid top up

Custom Service

Any Time

We are flexible enough to provide custom services based on your needs. 

If you punish or work your Jeep hard all the time, then there maybe parts that need replacing earlier, but would not require a full service plan interval, for example you may work your shock absorbers hard, and they may need constant replacing at the Intermediate Service plan interval, instead of the Advanced interval.

Or you are planning a long trip and just want your Jeep checked out and serviced, so you have that peace of mind that it will get you there.